Pond & Bistro Cassis Featured in the Daily News

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2008


pond.jpgBistro Cassis

WHAT EXACTLY does winter taste like? When some of the region’s most creative chefs contemplated that question, their answers ran the gamut from slow-braised short ribs and vegetarian chili to old-fashioned favorites like shepherd’s pie. But everybody agreed on one thing: Winter food is comforting, it’s strictly seasonal and in some way or another, it reminds you of home. Read the full article.
…Although he was born in the heat of Tangiers, Morocco, Abde Dahrouch grew up in Gascony, France, where he got his first taste for seasonal ingredients. Dahrouch, chef/partner at the Pond Restaurant & Bistro Cassis, in Radnor, mines both sides of his heritage at Pond, where he features dishes like butternut squash bisque with duck confit, and Moroccan spiced chicken breast with saffron couscous. He favors grilled, braised and roasted meats when the temperatures dive.
His favorite?”I love veal,” said Dahrouch, formerly the chef at Taquet, in Wayne, and Jean Louis, at the Watergate in Washington, D.C. “It has a certain delicacy to it that you don’t get from beef.”With Mediterranean accents of garlic, olive oil, herbs and wine, Dahrouch pairs grilled veal chops with a hearty risotto of barley, a match guaranteed to chase away the chill. *