New Year’s Eve & More at Nectar

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2008


New Years Eve

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Nectar!

For the month of December, as well as New Year’s Eve, Nectar will offer Chef Patrick Feury’s special Lobster Menu, the NEW Comfort Menu and Nectar’s NEW Tapas Flights (see below for details). In addition, Nectar’s a la carte menu will be available.

MiniTini Flights and dessert-for-two will also be featured, along with creative cocktails, sake and wine specials.

Open seating available from 5 – 11PM. Call 610-725-9000 for reservations.

Nectar’s Nova Scotia Lobster Menu

lobster spring roll, pickled green tomato salad 11
lobster sliders (3), nova scotia lobster, house smoked bacon, tomato 12

butter poached lobster pad thai 29
wok lobster, asparagus, black truffle potato tart 29
wok lobster, beef tenderloin, asparagus, chive blossom  29

Lobsters arrive daily from Nova Scotia.


NEW Comfort Menu

chanterelle vegetarian pad thai, scallion, bok choy 12.50

tea smoked organic chicken, soba noodles,
cashew, scallion, chanterelle salad, soy glaze  11

Introducing Nectar Tapas Flights
served New Year’s Eve & Sunday through Thursday in the bar area

Chef Feury will rapid-fire 6 Tapas Flights featuring an amazing variety of flavors and tastes. Tapas Fights will be created based on what is fresh and beautiful each day. With a bite for each guest, these tastes are great for 2 people to share

Each additional Tapas Flight is comprised of the chef’s choice of 3 small plates

Nectar’s Tapas Flights are a wonderful way to compare and explore
many different flavors in bite-size servings.

More of Tapas Flights

Originating in Spanish taverns, Tapas (meaning “to cover”) were slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers used to cover their glasses between sips. This was to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry. Tapas has since evolved into many kinds of meat, seafood and veggie small plates usually served with drinks.

A Flight is a play on wine terminology. A flight of wine is used to describe a selection of 3 or more glasses presented for sampling.


The freshest ingredients and classic techniques make Nectar
a world-class restaurant in your own backyard.

1091 Lancaster Ave * Berwyn, PA 19312 * 610-725-9000