finds Ansill’s Korean Tacos

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Food Porn: Korean Tacos Are Here, And They’re Beautiful, Baby


Surely, by now, you have heard of The Legend of The Korean Tacos, the foodie’s Great Depression 2.0 version of a Horatio Alger story. Since these Korean-Mexican hybrids first captured the hearts of their native Los Angeles, they’ve slowly but surely been spreading around the country, like some kind of bizarro Swine Flu that makes you happy as a lark, but strong like bull. Those of us who’ve been wondering when we may taste these fine creations for ourselves (sans travel) may wonder no longer: Ansill’s got ‘em, for just $5 a piece at happy hour (Tues-Sat, 6-8PM). Korean line cook Ann Miller’s take on this new-world source of deep goodness is made with either shortribs or braised pork belly, with sweet & spicy Korean chili sauce, and if the photo above of Miller’s work is anything to go by, we’re gone. It’s coming up on 6PM right… about… now.

Ansill, Third & Bainbridge Sts. (215) 627-2485