City Paper’s Drew Lazor Features Avril BYOB in Meal Ticket…

Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009


Avril in pictures


See photos here.

Earlier today, Meal Ticket dropped by Avril (134 Bala Ave.) the upcoming Bala Cynwyd BYO from former Daily News food editor/writer April Lisante and her cheffing husband, Christian Gatti.

Opening next Wednesday, August 5, the 48-seater’s located literally less than a minute’s drive from the corner of Bala and City Line Avenues. There’s outdoor seating on both sides of the hearthy, dark wood-adorned corner space. Their linens — it’ll be a white-tablecloth — arrived just as we were finishing up; the logo sign you see in the first picture will soon be mounted above the dining room. Main Line golf heads will geek out over the restaurant’s branded tees, which Lisante’s placing in the men’s room.

The menu, split up between Northern Italian and Southern French traditions, features plenty of from-scratch bready elements — think refined presentations like profiteroles stuffed with lobster, foie atop brioche, corn pudding in a flaky round crust, etc. “People know their food nowadays, but not their pastries,” says Gatti (White Dog, City Tavern, Audrey Claire), who hopes his plates will “demystify” the craft of baking — debunking the not-uncommon belief that pastry is most often heavy, filling and unhealthy. They’ll start with dinner next week, and introduce lunch and brunch shortly thereafter.

“I’ve always said that our professions are very similar,” says food scribe Lisante, who headed up the DN’s dining coverage from 2001 to 2008. “Newsrooms aren’t so different from kitchens. It takes a certain personality — and love, and adrenaline.” She adds that she hopes to collaborate with Gatti on a cookbook in the near future.