Cooper’s named one of “America’s Best Pizza Restaurants”!

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010


America’s Best Pizza Restaurants

Here are the crusts and pizza pies from coast to coast that leave us sighing, ‘that’s amore.’

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Where to score the best slice can be a heated topic — especially when a Chicago deep-dish devotee and a New York thin-slice supporter say their piece. But as our list of the top 10 pizza places shows, praiseworthy pies can be found all over the map. From Seattle to Philadelphia, mangiamo bene!

Cooper's Brick Oven Wine Bar(Courtesy of

Wine and dine with Main Liners at Cooper’s.

Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar (Philadelphia)
Fired in a brick oven at the back of the open kitchen, Cooper’s pies come topped with crimini mushrooms, fennel sausage, pulled barbecue pork and smoked Gouda. More than 25 wines by the glass along with tasty, well-priced salads and daily specials draw a crowd at this stylish gourmet wine bar, including demanding Main Liners unhappy about waiting. Forget the snippy swarm and tuck into a Roquefort wedge spiked with bacon, or a plate of andouille-stuffed scallops with tarragon pickle sauce, and you’ll feel just fine. Read the full review.