The Great Guinness Toast at Fadó Irish Pub

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Philadelphia’s Fadó Irish Pub

Great Guinness Toast & Pour the Perfect Pint Night!


Kick off the St Paddy’s Day season at Fadó Irish Pub and Restaurant with the Great Guinness Toast and Pour the Perfect Pint Night. Friday, February 17th at 7pm is the night that Guinness lovers can step up to the taps, share their best Guinness toast and give the two-part pour a go for themselves. Those who participate will have a chance to win a pint a day for a year! Contestants can submit their best toasts to or in person at the pub through noon on Wednesday, February 15th. Fadó will choose four finalists who will be notified by email on February 16th. Finalists must be present to share their toast on February 17th. The winner will be chosen by the crowd’s applause. More info on Facebook:

Do they have what it takes to pour the perfect pint? Participants can watch the masters pour and then give it a go themselves. Pouring Guinness properly is a craft that is taken very seriously. It requires the right temperature, pressure, gas mix and clean lines. Draught beer is like love. It takes the perfect chemistry! More info on pouring the perfect pint here:

Did You Know

– The perfect pint takes 1 minute and 19 seconds

– Guinness is always served cold between 39 -42 degrees

– Guinness is ruby red in color, not actually black.

– Guinness is120 calories a pint – less calories than an Amstel Light!

– Fadó kegs come straight from St James Gate in Dublin

Seasonal Bottles and Fadó Fun Facts (available through February)…

Since opening in 2001, Fadó Irish Pub and Restaurant has been known as the premier destination to enjoy the best pour and pint in the city. Although, Guinness is the top selling brew at Fadó, seasonal and distinctive European craft bottle beers are featured everyday. Fadó is where people go to enjoy familiar faces, whether it’s other customers or the staff. It is also a place where people walk in the door in the hopes of discovering something new, with an interesting history. And they do…

Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome {6% ABV}

Amber ale, great malt flavor, medium-bodied, highly drinkable

Fun Facts:

– The first imported winter seasonal beer in 1990

– Smith still delivers by horse drawn wagon in the town of Tadcaster

– Brewed in the famous Yorkshire slate squares

– The picture on the label changes every year but not the beer

– The brewery was built in 1758 and is still the brewery used today

– Still privately held and run by the Smith family

Westmalle Tripel {9.5% ABV}

Trappist, golden ale, full-bodied, fruit and malt sweetness

Fun Facts:

– Brewed in the Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

– This is the original Tripel, first brewed in 1919

– The abbey is located near the town of West Malle

– The abbey was founded in 1794

– The abbey produces three beers; Extra, Dubbel and Tripel

– One of only seven Trappist monasteries still producing beer for public consumption

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock {6.7%}

Dark brown, medium-bodied, slight fruit and great roasted malt flavor

Fun Facts:

– The style was first brewed by monks to fortify themselves during fasting for lent

– The brewery was built in 1878 and still owned and run by the Inselkammer family

– All doppelbock beers end in the suffix “ator”

– Platinum Medal and top rated Doppelbock have won? World Beer Championships since 2001

– Dopplebock beers are lagers

Other seasonal bottled bears include Guinness Foreign Extra Stout {7.5%}

and Guinness Black Lager {4.5%}.

View the full Winter Drink Menu here:

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