24 Hours in Lancaster, PA: Horses, Buggies and a Whole Lot More!

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014


24 Hours in Lancaster, PA:

Horses, Buggies and a Whole Lot More!

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It’s been ages since we’ve had the time to getaway. So, when our friend Mark invited us to Lancaster for dinner, we decided to make a weekend of it. I hadn’t been to Pennsylvania Dutch Country since I was a kid. So, I was really  looking forward to it.


We set out early Saturday morning and arrived at the beautiful Lancaster Arts Hotel well before noon.

The hotel was originally a tobacco warehouse that was built in the 1880s.

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-8740

We requested an early check-in and our “Loft Suite” was ready when we arrived.

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If you know anything about us, it’s that we love to eat! The Central Market is a historic farmers’ market located in Penn Square, in downtown Lancaster. The market is the oldest, continuously-operated farmers’ market in the United States. It is quite a sight to behold!


We strolled through the market and took in the sights.

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-8568

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Our friend Mark suggested lunch at Annie Bailey’s, where the space is big and the food is bigger!

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After all that food, a walk was in order. We found our way over to Stan’s Records. I’m thinking this would be perfect for our next “In The Pocket” Album cover! Our friend, Mod Betty of Retro Road Map would love this place!

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-8663

The downtown store was founded in 1953 when Andy Kerner opened the record store.  He operated the store until 1955 when he sold it to Stan Selfon. He ran Stan’s Record Bar until 1980 when he sold it to the current owner, Mark Glessner.

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Look what we found! There were some great hidden gems in there!

We took a beautiful ride into the countryside of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The images were just too striking not to photograph.


The day was coming to an end and it was time to head back to the hotel and rest up for dinner. We stopped for a look around the beautiful lobby and enjoyed a peek through Fine Living Lancaster Magazine. Then, it was nap-time for David.

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Man oh man, can that boy sleep!

So, I was left on my own to amuse myself 🙂

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And finally, he was up!

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-8802

Mark and his wife Marion invited us to dinner at The Press Room in the historic Steinman Hardware Building. They have a gorgeous outdoor courtyard with waterfalls. But, Mark had something special planned for us….

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-9005

We were dining in THE KITCHEN! Yep, Chef Matt Titter  was going to cook a special dinner just for us!

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-9092

And dinner was outta control!

Eight courses in all included everything from Slivered Squash with fresh mint, Fried Pickles with a kick-ass spicy dip, Baby Greens with pickled carrots and goat cheese, Asparagus with poached egg, Sun-dried Tomato Pizza, Baby Lamb Chop over cous cous salad, Sea Bass over Succotash and Bread Pudding with homemade vanilla ice cream and creme anglaise.

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Many thanks to our hosts Mark and Marion!

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-9050

After sleeping in on what was the most comfortable bed, it was time to rise and shine and get ready for BREAKFAST!!!

Yes, we can sure put some meals away. We found a wonderful little place called On Orange in the center of town. The historical building dates back to  the 1850’s.

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We indulged with Omelettes and potatoes with fresh herbs. The 7 Grain bread was outta-this-world. We inquired about it and were told it was from Le Bus! We also couldn’t resist the Swedish Pancakes made with organic oats, served with maple syrup and stewed apples.

Lancaster May 24-25, 2014-9125

After breakfast we took the long way home and travelled along Route 23 admiring the beauty of Lancaster’s countryside.


There’s nothing like getting in the car and exploring what’s in your own backyard.


Thanks Lancaster, we are already planning another trip in the fall!

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See ya next time,


Dallyn & David