24 Hours in NYC: Restaurants, Rockabilly and a Little Romance!

Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2014


24 Hours in NYC:

Restaurants, Rockabilly and a Little Romance!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 10.15.14 AM

With my birthday approaching and David scheduled to play with rockabilly legend,

Robert Gordon at The Bowery Electric, we decided to make a celebration of it in NYC!

So, we packed our bags and headed out to the city that never sleeps.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7541

We got there in a flash! The Holland Tunnel was a sight for sore eyes.

First stop, was checking in at the Soho Grand.

I hadn’t been there in many years and forgot just how beautiful it was.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7293

 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7388 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7390 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7391NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7254

If you know us, you know that food is always on our mind.

So, next stop was Sanctuary T on West Broadway.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7266

And if you’ve read about our travels before, you’ll know that we are big fans of THE BURGER!

This one did not disappoint, and the french fries…OMG!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7263

We also discovered that everywhere we went in NYC

had their own homemade (non-alcoholic) Ginger Beer.

If you have never had one, you must try it. It’s like magic in a bottle.

After lunch, David had to go to rehearsal for his show with Robert Gordon.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7255

So, I dropped him off and went back to the hotel to check-in.

Turns out we were upgraded from a Queen Superior to a King Superior with a view. Very nice!


I spent the next 3 hours walking the streets of Soho.

The restaurants, shopping and people-watching were great.

Everyone has such style!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7286

David and I met back at the hotel after rehearsal.

Both exhausted, we decided to take a little afternoon siesta before dinner and the show.

The concierge at the Soho Grand suggested The Dutch. He said it was his favorite neighborhood spot.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7275 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7279 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7280

The vibe was great and the food was even better!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7300

Fresh Corn Tamal, lime, cotija cheese, blistered pepper

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7304

Roasted chicken, kale, sunflower tahini, yogurt

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7307

Spinach Cappelletti, artichokes, fontina cheese

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7311

Homemade chocolate chip cookies came with the check. Nice touch!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7314

Next stop, Robert Gordon at The Bowery Electric!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7327

The show was great and the house was packed.

I love watching David doin’ his thing on the pots and pans!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7331

After the show, we stopped in the hotel lounge

for some late-night French Fries and Ginger Beer (our new favorite thing).


It was approaching 2am and way past our bedtime. So, we headed up to our room.

The view was just beautiful!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7319

The bed at the Soho Grand was so comfortable. We slept in until 10am!

It was a mad rush to get brunch and get back to the hotel before our 24 hour parking expired.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7364

The Little Prince, another suggestion from the hotel’s concierge, was the perfect spot.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7366

We shared the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with arugula, roasted peppers, basil aioli and

the French Onion Soup Burger with gruyère, caramelized onion, dijon and amazing hand-cut fries. YUMMMM!!!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7373 NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7376

They delivered the check in a vintage French comic book!

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7381

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7387

After lunch, we took a lovely stroll through the streets of Soho and made our way back to the Soho Grand,

where we loaded up the car and headed home.

NY Soho 8.15-16.14-7384

Until the next time, NYC…

No more burgers,

No more fries,

No more g’d damn apple pies.

No more pasta,

No more bread,

Time for healthy meals instead.


Dallyn & David