24 Hours in NYC: Soho Grand, Breaking Bread and Broad City!

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015


24 Hours in NYC:

Soho Grand, Breaking Bread and Broad City!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1235

If your looking for a great hotel rate in NYC, the month of August offers a lot of options. We decided to take advantage of this slower time of year at one of our favorite hotels, the Soho Grand.

We began our journey on a sunny Sunday morning. We made it up the New Jersey Turnpike in no time. But, when we approached the Holland Tunnel, it was closed and we were swept up in a maze of traffic detours that delayed our arrival.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1240

If you know me and David, you know that we are not one for missing a meal. So, once we backtracked to the Lincoln Tunnel, we made our way to The Village for the famous Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.10.56 AM

This $28 plate of greatest has been featured in many articles and TV shows. See a cool video clip here.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1250

After lunch, we walked around the corner to the Porto Rico Importing Company for a cup of Joe.

They are not effing around with this coffee. Whew! That java will kick your ass!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1247

Next store to the coffee shop, there was a very interesting funeral in progress. It was like watching a Scorsese film!

We sat there for half an hour watching, what looked like, the cast of characters from Good Fellows paying their respects. It was almost all men, with a few women that could have stepped right out of the Housewives of NJ.

It was quite a spectacle to behold.

Version 2

After our walk through The Village, we checked in at the Soho Grand. Soho is my favorite part of the city and it’s always a treat when we get to stay there.

  NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1307

At check in, we always ask if an upgrade is available, and have been bumped up every time!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.39.07 PM

Our room was lovely! And the view, spectacular!

We relaxed for a few and then went down to check out the lobby/lounge…

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-6698

and Gilligan’s, their new outdoor bar and restaurant.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.54.33 PM

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the streets of Soho. From Spring to Mercer and Prince to Macdougle, we walked and walked and walked some more.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1263 NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1442

We got back to the hotel with throbbing feet and an hour to relax before dinner. The hotel left a lovely treat of chocolate cookies and evian water in our room.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1280

One last rest on the steps before our trek to dinner. Yes, I can walk in those shoes 🙂

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1305

We arrived at a bustling Rubirosa and immediately loved the vibe and ambiance.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.47.33 PM

Rubirosa is known for having the best “red sauce” Italian in the area and is famous for their pizza.

David opted for the spaghetti and meatballs. Having had more than a few bites of his dinner, I can honestly say that it may be the best I’ve ever had. I went for the chicken parm (of course). The portion was so big that it lasted for two more meals.

The only problem was, we were too full to order pizza. But, more on that dilemma later.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1323

Oh, and they make their own homemade Ginger Beer. Philly restauranteurs please take note! This is heaven in a glass!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1317

The walk back to the hotel was lovely. It was a beautiful night and perfect weather.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1399

The city view from our room at night was gorgeous!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1372

Good night New York City!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1349

I woke up to a text from my step-daughter, Abbi Jacobson. She invited us to watch them shoot a few scenes from the third season of Comedy Central’s Broad City.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1404

Abbi set us up with headphones and sat us in the director’s chairs to watch them shoot the scene!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1417

We sat behind the writer and watched on the monitors.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1415

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1420

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1423

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1424

It was so much fun seeing Abbi and visiting the set of Broad City! Can’t wait to watch the third season premiere in January.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-6678

Remember when I said that Rubirosa was known for having the best pizza in NYC?

Well, it’s true.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1433

David agrees…

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1435

After lunch we took one last walk through Soho, as we made our way back to the Soho Grand.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-1441

We hung out in the lounge for a bit.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-6696

Then, packed our bags and headed back home.

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-6700

Thanks to the Soho Grand, Minetta Tavern, Rubirosa and Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson for showing us a great time!

NYC 8.23 - 24, 2015-6694

We love you, NYC!


Dallyn & David