24 Hours in NYC: The Royalton, Restaurants and a Little Romance!

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2016


24 Hours in NYC…The Royalton, Restaurants and a Little Romance!


After a long cold winter, spring has finally sprung. And as we like to do each spring (and every season), we jumped in the car for a road-trip to NYC.

NYC 2.24.16-3686

We actually planned this trip back in November, when the Royalton Hotel was running a Cyber Monday sale. We got our room for an unbelievable rate of $165!

NYC 2.24.16-3744

If you don’t know about the Royalton, you should. It’s a boutique hotel located in mid-town/theatre district. It’s old world meets sophisticated, with a touch of fun…And the round disco tub is not to be missed! But, more on that later ūüėČ

NYC 2.24.16-3718

When we checked in, we asked if an upgrade was possible. We were upgraded from a standard to a deluxe room!

NYC 2.24.16-3729NYC 2.24.16-3725

After we checked in, we headed downtown to the West Village for brunch. The hotel recommended Jane. The reviews looked great! When we arrived, there was almost a 2 hour wait. So, we walked and walked and walked. We found ourselves at the same coffee spot that we hit last time, the Puerto Rico Importing Co. When we were there last, there was a mob funeral going on at the funeral home next store. It was quite the scene. But, today was just a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

NYC 2.24.16-3709NYC 2.24.16-3711

On the way back to Jane, we walked through Soho, my favorite part of the city. We also caught a couple of songs from this great group of singers.

NYC 2.24.16-3717

On the same block as Jane was Arturo’s, famous for their pizza. I kind of wish we had gone that route. But, they weren’t open yet and we were hungry. We’ll go next time, for sure.

NYC 2.24.16-3692 (1)

We were seated in a busy bustling dining room. David ordered the¬†Prime Rib Benedict. I ordered the¬†Grilled Chicken Paillard. I was trying to eat light. But, the chicken was covered in goat cheese. All brunch entrees come with a complimentary cocktail. I had a Peach Bellini and David had fresh squeezed orange juice. Brunch was “okay.” But, with so many other choices in NYC, I don’t think we would go back.


NYC 2.24.16-3706

We walked some more after brunch and then headed back to the Royalton.  Time for a siesta and some tub-time! And yes, that is a wood burning fireplace in our room. In colder months, they actually send someone up to your room to build a fire!

NYC 2.24.16-3724NYC 2.24.16-3734

We decided to stay in the neighborhood for dinner. Clay, the concierge suggested Osteria al Doge. It was wonderful! David started with a Caesar Salad that came in an edible bowl and lentil soup, that was just amazing.

We both ordered Linguine al Frutti di Mare. $23 in NYC is quite reasonable for a beautiful dish of pasta with seafood. I went with whole wheat linguini.

NYC 2.24.16-3760 (1)

The atmosphere was lovely. It was definitely a great find. If you are in the Theatre District, I suggest checking out Osteria al Doge.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 8.41.34 PM

NYC 2.24.16-3752

Everything was so good, that we decided to splurge on dessert. I forget what it was called. But, it was yummy chocolate mousse in a hard dark chocolate shell. Definitely not on my diet.

NYC 2.24.16-3763

We walked a block back to the Royalton. I enjoyed a glass of champagne in the lobby.

NYC 2.24.16-3778

Cool lobby…

NYC 2.24.16-3768

David was ready for bed…

NYC 2.24.16-3767

So we¬†called it a night. But, not before we enjoyed a dip in the disco tub…

…We woke up Monday morning to¬†another beautiful day. David had his heart set on Katz’s Deli. As we turned the corner to park, I realized that this was the very same street¬†that we visited Abbi and Ilana¬†filming a scene for¬†Broad City¬†last summer!

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.29.54 PM

But, back to Katz’s…Did you know that the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed there? In fact, there is a sign right above the table where it all happened.

NYC 2.24.16-3826

If you just watched the clip of the scene, I have to tell you, I have never seen Katz’s that quiet and the sandwiches are triple the size of the sandwiches they are eating in the movie.

NYC 2.24.16-3819NYC 2.24.16-3827

I guess I’ll start my diet (again) tomorrow!

NYC 2.24.16-3830

After breakfast, as we headed back to the car, we saw the filming of the Jim Gaffagan Show!

That’s what I love about NYC. You never know what you will find around the next corner. But, remember that it’s all about¬†being present in the moment!

NYC 2.24.16-3836

See you next time, NYC!

NYC 2.24.16-3806


Dallyn & David