Last Chance for Marigold Kitchen’s Summer Menu… Two more dishes revealed!

Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2017


Last Chance to enjoy Marigold Kitchen’s Late Summer Menu.
Two more dishes revealed!

This sumptuous seafood dish was a favorite of Chef Keith’s during his Summer in San Francisco. A brightly flavored broth of chablis, roasted fennel, garlic and tomato
as well as a dollop of sourdough polenta sit below champagne-braised escargot,
calamari tentacles, littleneck clams and micro oregano.
Florida Black Grouper

Crispy skinned grouper rests atop butter-poached snap peas, a fried rice diskette,
sake-mirin marinated cucumbers and a house duck sauce
in this dish honoring the family style dishes at Lee How Fook in Chinatown.
Here are a few more dishes from Marigold Kitchen’s Late Summer Menu…
Cold Pizza

This dish attempts to mimic the ever-traditional Boardwalk pizza slice by combining slow roasted campari tomato concassé, gooey mozzarella, micro basil and charred semolina flatbread.

Arugula Salad

A salad in an unconventional form, this panna cotta of sautéed arugula and garlic
is served with candied pine nuts, crispy mustard greens and a preserved lemon vinaigrette.

Summer Corn

This lime-scented fritter of sweet Jersey corn is a finger food that throws off the yoke of conventional table manners, and is served with a spicy harissa sauce that is cooled with the accompanying sour cream gelée and pickled scallions.

Eggplant Lo Mein

Sticky garlic-chili eggplant, braised shiitake mushrooms and pickled carrots are tossed with house-made lo mein noodles and cashews in this dish that pays a long overdue homage to summertime in Chinatown.

BBQ Chicken

Expect fireworks as you dig into chicken thighs that are first slow cooked then wrapped in crispy chicken skin and dipped in a Cola-BBQ sauce alongside braised celery, crispy confit potatoes

and a 143° egg that become the accompanying potato salad to complete a backyard barbecue.

Soup and Sandwich

A sandwich of sweet oatmeal quickbread, olive oil-poached peaches and coconut-yogurt “cheese singles” is served warm with a chilled soup of black cherry,

pepper and rum in this lunchtime classic – turned dessert.


A good summer night ends with a S’more, and dinner at Marigold Kitchen is no exception.
This milkshake of caramelized dark chocolate is topped with a toasted house-made vanilla marshmallow and graham cracker “swizzle.”