Marigold Kitchen Reveals Their Full 10 Course Autumn Menu!

Posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Fall has officially arrived at Marigold Kitchen and chef/owners Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza are revealing all ten courses of their new (usually secret) autumn menu. Savory fall flavors and vibrant colors take center stage and feature a fresh take on some classic dishes.
Autumn is all about comfort food and this new menu is full of unique twists that will make an impression. Chefs Kochan and Lanza love playing with unexpected flavors and textures with a depth of flavor that brightens each dish. Meticulously plated for the diner to behold, guests are sure to be obsessed with Marigold Kitchen’s the fall menu!
The cost for the 10 course menu is $90 per person, plus tax and gratuity.  Guests are asked about any food allergies or aversions prior to their visit. Marigold Kitchen serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 6:00pm. For reservations call 215-222-3699 and for more information visit
501 South 45th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 

Marigold Kitchen’s New Autumn Menu

10 courses for $90 per person
(plus tax and gratuity)
Za’atar Cracker

House-made puffed crackers are coated with olive oil and a middle eastern spice blend, 
then served with aerated pumpkin. 

Autumn Salad

Zucchini is sliced to order and dressed with a roasted garlic vinaigrette before being decorated with plumped pistachios, croutons, balsamic gelées and ricotta salata cheese.

Cauliflower Bisque

Just in time for the cold weather, a creamy soup of white cauliflower is served with mint oil, brown butter snow and crispy sage.

Pork Rillette

A French classic with South Philly style, the pork rillette is served atop a toasted baguette 

with pickled broccoli rabe, charred Italian peppers and tuiles of sharp provolone cheese.

Spanish Poke

Sous vide pumpkin in the style of poke is served over sticky rice with Xerez sherry vinegar, house-made “Spanish Furikake” seasoning, dehydrated olives and mustard frills.

Crispy Skin Salmon

The salmon is served alongside pickled kohlrabi, shiso coins, crispy marinated tofu, 

charred pineapple and miso hollandaise in this international mash-up.


Pillows of potato gnocchi are tossed together with a pork sugo, carrots, apples and sage 

and rosemary in this perfectly fall comfort dish.

Push Pops

A semifreddo of goat cheese and orange blossom is served in a push pop along with 

a sweet soil of walnut seasoned with citrus, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Autumn Sundae

Sweet orange cake, tangy cranberries and ginger ice cream sit atop 

creamy bourbon caramel ganache.

Pumpkin Pie Float

Beside the gingersnap cookie, pumpkin ice cream hovers at the surface of house-made maple soda with a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg in this unusual and delicious pumpkin pie variant.