24 Hours in NYC: Honeymoon (part 2): Brunch at The Breslin, a Beautiful Dinner, and Bruce on Broadway!

Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2017


24 Hours in NYC: Honeymoon (part 2) ~
Brunch at The Breslin, a Beautiful Dinner, and Bruce on Broadway!


Most people have one wedding to the same person. But, not for me and David. We decided to have two weddings…The first one (very small) was for our close friends and family. The second one was for all of our friends and fans that have shared our musical journey over the last 7 years with “David Uosikkinen’s In The Pocket” and with The Hooters for almost 40 years. So, when you have two weddings, why not have two honeymoons?!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1923.jpg




Actually, we decided on two honeymoons because we had originally planned our honeymoon in November. But, then Springsteen on Broadway went on sale and we were lucky enough to score tickets for December 23rd (thank you Adrian Hickman for your code). What could be a better way to celebrate the holiday season and our love, than Christmas weekend in New York City!

So off we went…

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1824

It was a warm and cloudy December day. The formation of the clouds were nothing like we had ever seen. Layers upon layers of horizontal lines reached across the sky.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1834

We found ourselves in Mid-town Manhattan before we knew it. As we drove through the city, we spotted not one, but two Santas riding on motorcycles (I think two is a theme here).

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1848

I’m not sure which was funnier, Santas on cycles or Shleppers Moving and Storage. LOL.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1845

But, back to our honeymoon! Our first stop was at The Breslin inside of the Ace Hotel.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-9027

A very cool spot including a room filled with great posters, a gift shop and a lobby full of hipsters on their devices.

Ace Hotel

What I liked best about the Ace Hotel, was the message on bathroom door in the lobby.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1880

We arrived about 30 minutes early for our 1pm reservation…

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1882

And waited 5 minutes in the bar, which was bustling.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-6211

We were seated at a lovely corner table with a great view of the restaurant.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1862

Within a few minutes of being seated, the restaurant was packed (photo below is from greathotelrestaurants.com).


The Breslin is famous for their burgers, and has the same executive chef as The Spotted Pig. Which is also known for their burger. So naturally, I went with Chargrilled Lamb Burger with feta, cumin mayo & thrice cooked chips for $27 (you read that price right). I could only eat half of the burger. It was great and the french fries were divine!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1867

David had the Roast Beef Sandwich with horseradish cream, arugula & au jus. At $18, it was worth every penny. I liked it even better than my burger.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1863

After lunch, we decided to check out the Walter Kerr Theatre. Although, we weren’t going to see Springsteen on Broadway until he next day, it was 2 blocks from our hotel. So, it was on the way.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1886

I got this crazy idea that I would wait by the stage door and try to get a photo of me and Bruce from the 80s signed. Thank goodness for my incredible husband, who made sure I had a great spot before he headed to the hotel.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-9040

I stood out in the cold from 4pm until Bruce finally arrived at 7:15. My fingers and toes were frozen. David stood across the street and watched it all unfold. That’s me on the right side, by the wall, under the Springsteen poster. I’m waving to David.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-9046

And there’s David across the street waving to me. Where’s Waldo?!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1927

At one point, I texted him and said “What was I thinking? I must be crazing waiting out here in the cold!” But, David reassured me that I would be happy once it was over. And boy, was he right! Here’s a video of Bruce arriving on a different night. But, it shows almost exactly how it went down when I was there.

And there he is, signing the photo of us!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1933

The other part of my little story is that I had seen a photo of Bruce’s wife, Patti wearing these super cool white boots and was on a mission to find them. After some help from my fashionista friend, I was able to locate them in California and immediately bought them!


So, when Patti walked by me as she was going into the theatre, I yelled out, “Patti, check out my boots!” She stopped short, “The Céline boots! I thought they were sold out, aren’t they great?” I agreed and asked her for a selfie. She said, “okay. But, let me fix my bangs first.” Here’s the pic!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1937

And here is the pic that Bruce signed of us “Dancing In The Dark” on March 9th, 1988 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia! So cool that my then friend, and now husband, was there to witness that dance almost 30 years ago!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1941

After such an exciting day, it was time to warm up and have a great meal. So, we hopped in a taxi and headed to the upper east side for dinner at Sfoglia.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-1944

The place was lovely. It was simple, with cozy kitchen tables. Yet elegant, with beautiful chandeliers.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 4.56.24 PM

David had a Caesar Salad (he said it was the best he’s ever had) and Sfoglia’s signature, Chicken al Mattone (chicken cooked under a brick).

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 5.06.22 PM

I had Clams with white wine and chorizo, picada and a half-order of Pappardelle alla Bolognese. We loved everything and would go back again and again! With our bellies full and a big day with The Boss ahead (one of only two matinee shows), we headed back to our hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 5.09.27 PM

I had done some research about where to have brunch before the Springsteen on Broadway show, and decided it would be best to eat right across the street at Hurley’s Saloon. I made reservations a week in advance and asked for the window table on the 2nd floor.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2011

The woman on the phone was very nice. But, said she couldn’t promise. So, it was much to my delight when we were seated overlooking the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2025

It was a cold and rainy day. I am so happy that I decided to get my photo signed the day before. Because I never would have waited outside in the rain.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2015

David and I decided to continue on our quest for the perfect burger. We both agree that simpler is sometimes better.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2017

The burger at Hurley’s was juicy and rockin’!

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2020

As we finished lunch, Bruce pulled up in his black Suburban. You can see the video here. Because of the bad weather, Patti ran right inside. Bruce signed a few autographs. But, also quickly went inside. Our seats were perfect, row D on the Mezzanine.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2030

I won’t give anything away about the show. But, here are links to  two very short video clips of Bruce and Patti taking a bow and Bruce waving to the crowd.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2040

After the show, we walked down to the stage. The theatre is absolutely beautiful.

Honeymoon wBruce on Broadway-2052

After a quick slice of New York pizza, we were on our way back home to the kitties.

What a show! What a honeymoon! What a life! And I am so very grateful.

Dallyn and David's Wedding & ITP at AMH-219

See you next time!


Dallyn & David